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MYSTICS - DII (2013)

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Garage punk from Hamilton Ontario. We have self released a demo tape and have a 45' out on BOPPA DO DOWN Records. We like that dirty fuzzed out nasty rock n roll, that spins around in your head, gets you high, and then steals your beer. We like real rock n roll, music for partying, dancing and fucking. Play it loud or don't play it at all man. drop out and drop dead.

This is our second Demo tape limited to 75 tapes.
Recorded on a hot summer day 2012 by Jimmy Vapid @ Reigning Barn in Oshawa Ontario.
Mastered by Mario Pietrangelli @ Downtown Sound in Hamilton Ontario
All Songs by Matt Ellis
Take drugs, drop out, and kill yourself.

Matt - vocals, guitars and bass
Kate- vocals and tambourine
Winters - drums

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