LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: MO KOLOURS - EP3: TUSK DANCE (2013)


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Anglo-Mauritian pop-experimentalist Mo Kolours completes his trilogy of EPs for One-Handed Music with EP3: Tusk Dance. The most introspective collection so far, Tusk Dance is the best opportunity yet to glimpse the otherworldly visions of this unique singer, producer and percussionist.

Mo Kolours’ first two releases have established him as a singular voice as he explores the rhythmic possibilities of his mix of soul, dub, hip hop, the Sega music of his homeland, and various electronic styles.

All songs written by J. Deenmamode except Promise (J. Osbourne)
Background vocals on Session by Jassy Grez

Mixed by Mo Kolours
Mastered by Jason at Transition
Original artwork by Ekta
Design by Andrew Sidford at Made In Earnest

Thanks to Keira Knightley

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