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LE1F - FLY ZONE (2013)

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"Oh shit, the new LE1F mixtape is here. It’s called Fly Zone, and out for free via Greedhead and Camp & Street, the Palms Out side-label run by LE1F himself. On first listen, with LE1F’s unusual gargle of a voice sitting clearer and higher in the mix than on his mind-boggling debut mixtape, Dark York, Fly Zone is just a hair more straightforwardly hip-hop. LE1F didn’t produce any of the songs, and Norway’s Drippin is the only person to produce more than one track. “Star Alliance” features maybe the closest person to a LE1F predecessor, the skinny, left-field club-rap pioneer Spank Rock; also appearing are Haleek Maul, Kitty Pryde and Philadelphia’s Don Jones, who also guested on Dark York."

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