LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: NOXIOUS FOXES - LÉGS (2011)


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justin talbott - riffz
richard levengood - beatz

"If you want your music to provoke, motivate and inspire, if you are the kind of listener who sits quietly actually hearing the music and are not simply content to use it as background noise, if you wish for your music to challenge others to think there may be other ways of entertaining people, then the music of Noxious Foxes may be just what you were looking for."

"Well anyway, if you like rapid-fire instrumental that would make a good soundtrack for those nights when you have to dodge all those crazy space ghosts that come at you hard from all directions (that happens to you too, right?), I recommend Noxious Foxes."

"Justin Talbott (guitars and keys) stacks looped textures over Richard Levengood's drumwork like an expert bricklayer on coke. Talbott is all sharp edges and clean work, his sounds becoming more kinetically pregnant with each measure. Levengood is along for the ride, but with his own frenetic insanity...This album is a never-ending, unpredictable jazz breakdown programmed by voiceless, funky androids. It's actually pretty okay, a curio for most and a sloppy hummer with plenty of eye contact for the genre's devoted."

"Noxious Foxes remember rule #1 for instrumental music: keep things interesting. Richard Levengood’s airtight beats work in perfect symbiosis with Justin Talbott’s layered guitar work. Sometimes it sounds like there are 10 tracks playing different things all at once, but somehow, they work together like 10 different people singing different songs in perfect harmony. Légs is a win."

"Legs is a uniquely great rock record, one that contains as much technical precision as it has personality, and if you can hang with the swings, you’re in for a hell of a ride."

"This entire album is a giant clusterfuck of noise that leads nowhere"

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