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This is a rock album we wrote in the last two years. It's about crying, waking up early in the morning, falling down the stairs when you're still in your underwear and your eyes light up like fishes in the stream, it's like the cemetery when no one's around and you're a butterfly dreaming yearning into the sandpaper, it's about clams, it's about long walks with broken legs, it's about food, it's about talking really loud, it's about understanding but it's mostly about not understanding, it's about semolina, it's about richardson, it's about the bricks in your chest that move when you talk, that breathe when the space between your eye teeth and your own nose vibrates, it's about the dance your eyes do, when you're passed out drunk and twenty two, it's about girls but it's really about boys, it's about that urge inside you that compels you to break your own toys, it's about eating, it's about not thinking, it's about rolling your r's into the thick plate that's behind your skull, the wax and the weeds, the quickening breath of the postman, the wide-eyed looks from the weatherman, it's about mom and dad and grandma, it's about the holes in your sweater, it's about the moths that live and die there, it's about your wings and you're a moth and you can sings, it's about drugs, it's about sex, it's about virginity, it's about innocence, it's about fear, it's about the place you go when you're three and you want to hide, it's about the place you go when you're thirteen and you want to hide, it's about the place you go when you're almost thirty and you want to hide. it's about tubes and wires and vinyl siding, it's about batman and liver spots and funny feelings. it's about death. it's about sadness. it's about life, i guess? it's about us, but it's really about you. it's about ostriches and orangutans and glue, it's about drinking cough syrup, it's about whistling while you work, singing while you die, smiling in your sleep, smiling when you cry. It's about trying really hard to take breaths in and not being able to, it's about being a baby and turning blue, it's about sandwiches and older girls and crying from shampoo. it's about your future family, your kids who haven't even been conceived yet, it's a love letter to the future, it's an apology to the past, it's a reason to keep drinking, it's the swollen heart in the middle of it, it's the pain in your back that keeps you wincing, it's about your mom's cold hands, it's about dad's mustache, it's about what keeps you sane, it's about relativity, it's about trains, it's about masculinity, it's about being soaking wet in the rain and being happy, it's about the feeling that you have when you're a child, the happiness of refusal, the great power of the word "no", it's about not doing what you're told, it's about doing what you want, it's about summer camp and lazy chairs and standing there with your teeth in your mouth, its about swearing, it's about getting your mouth washed out with soap, it's about being fourteen, it's about drinking in a garage in rural pennsylvania, it's about roy orbison, it's about raining cats and dogs, it's about trying too hard, it's about not trying at all, it's about the summer, it's about the spring, it's about the autumn, it's about the fall.

sorry, mark e smith

j barnes- guitar, vox
j carroll- bass
m r beehner- drums, vox
a c woehrel- guitar, vox

s crano- organ
j price- saxophone

produced and mixed by barnes and woehrel

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