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Das hobos are Germany’s Leroy Schlimm, Frank Naegele and Tom Simonetti. A side project to their Indie/rock project ” RHYTM POLICE “, on Memphis buchloe they explore the dirt roads of the american south.
Das Hobos deconstruct folk and blues into seemless, flowing explorations that somehow reminds us of waving your hand in the wind on a hot summer day roadtrip.
We’ve been waiting to hear something like this. Post-blues? Ambient-folk? We’re not too sure how to call it, but it would make Bob Dylan proud.

This is what Das Hobos said about their album :
Summer. Sun. Gravel.
Mycrotom, Leroy Schlimm & Fräänk find themselves among bushes,
barracks and a fire pit near rails and be inspired by the freedom of this urban island for their musical improv journey from Memphis to Buchloe. And further

Music by Das Hobos ( Leroy Schlimm, Frank Nägele, Tom Simonetti )

Mastered by Leroy Schlimm

Photography by Vincent Fugère

Llicència Creative Commons
Camomille Music

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