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Matty Barker of Water Music has been hunkered down recording a new album of lo-fi folk and the result is some of his finest music to date ("Stalker" and "Run Runner Run" are standouts for me). It's been intriguing watching this album develop - songs were added, songs were cut, commentary was was great to observe the creative process unfolding. Keep an eye out for Water Music gigs around Melbourne in the coming months, there may be some rather interesting ones.


Matthew Barker first dropped us a line about his other project, The Gypsy Curse, with NY born wife Beth. They’ve put out a great melodic country/folk record which they recorded over four days in a little log cabin in Sweden which you can hear over here. I did do some link surfing to his other project Water Music, and I was immediately taken by this track when I heard it.

If you’re Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes inclined, or sway towards a bit of alt-country and drawn out tales about life on the road, you’ll enjoy this. This is mega lo-fi, but all that distortion seems to stand stoic against Barker’s fragile vocals. A warning though, this is epic sad-time music. Not feeling suitably emo or probably just hormonal today, but the record feels like the post-breakup companion you need to console with greasy food, several wines and a few bouts of weeping your life story to. Enough about that though, there are a lot of good things to say about Mountains. Spend a little time with this release. Beautiful, honest music worth it’s weight.

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