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LE1F - DARK YORK (2012)

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"Le1f’s flamboyant menace is reflected in his music, too. Dark York is mostly self-produced, though when Le1f collaborates with others he chooses artists such as Nguzunguzu, engaged in their own project of pushing the boundaries of club culture in dreamy, emotional directions. At 21 tracks in length, Dark York can drag at times: Le1f’s weakest moments come when he slurs aimlessly over stoned, sludgey tempos; as strange as the musical details can still be, they feel less involving when the music gets stuck in sonic mud. But it’s the mixtape’s triumphs that throw them into light: the horns, handclaps and chants of ‘Wut’, Dark York’s most immediate cut; the witty recasting of DJ Drama’s instantly recognisable macho drop on ‘Gayngsta’; the twinkling synthwork of ‘ΩΩΩ’; the frenzied crunk melody of ‘Gimme Life’; the Aaliyah samples and irresistible hooks of ‘Fresh’.

Ultimately, Dark York feels like a gauntlet thrown down to the straight hip-hop world, not an inward-looking one-off. Which straight rappers are ready to match Le1f’s fierceness? Which of them can take on his beats (you can imagine everyone from T.I. to Cam’ron jumping on ‘Wut’)? Who will dare to go head-to-head with him on record? Le1f’s made his statement, a formidable one – and a potential blueprint for the future." (Alex Macpherson - FACT Magazine)

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