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Jacober is the solo project of a busy Baltimore soul - a force that drums for Dope Body (Drag City) and the Dan Deacon ensemble (Domino), and also makes up half of Holy Ghost Party (GenPop).

Water Karaoke is Jacober's first collection of weird pop music, an introspective adventure through the things you tend to fascinate over when you're not moving at full speed. The album features recordings from the past three years that Jacober has been working on with some help from Dan Frome. It was mastered by Matt Schulman, and comes packaged with art by Beth Hoeckel and layout by Chris Day.

"Water Karaoke is my idea of meditation in the form of lush, textural pop jams." - Dave Jacober

All songs : David Jacober 2012
Recorded and mixed by: David Jacober and Dan Frome
Mastered by: Matt Schulman
Cover by: Beth Hoeckel
Layout by: Chris Day

Friends Records

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