LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: VV.AA. - ARTS & CRAFTS SAMPLER: VOL.8 (2012)


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"this is the eighth compilation by Arts & Crafts, a considerable Toronto-based indie imprint. (Chiming) guitar music meets poptronica/electronic pop/synth pop meets baroque pop - this would be one of the slogans of the miscellany. At times it allows for itself even more bombastic elements having powerful rises and ascending. There are represented such artists as Bishop Morocco, Antoine Reverb, Molly Rankin, Dan Mangan, Gold & Youth, Cold Specks, Parlovr, Trust, Eight and a Half, The Darcys, Zeus, Uncle Bad Touch, Bam Bam. The favourite of mine are Cold Specks`Holland which interlace an alt-folk and chamber folk template with soul(ful) tendencies, and Trust`s Sulk which is an instance of glimmering synth pop." (Recent Music Heroes)

Arts & Crafts

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