LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: MAKUNOUCHI BENTO - RINBO (2012)


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"We're happy when comes the time to release something from somebody we don't know, and we've met a lot of people doing that in the past year. Sometimes, though, you get an email from an old friend and you get stuck with a smile only a huge fan can have.
Felix & Valentin have been with us for a long time now, their first contribution to camomille being about 7 years ago. Everytime they have something new out, we kind of get ecstatic. ( you definitely need to check out their latest opus " swimé " on the great inpuj netlabel ) This time we get to release Rinbo and with it comes Makunouchi Bento's trademark (and paradoxal) lack of categorization as well as their usual (unusual) little bits of organised chaos. If you feel your heart swell, it's only normal : rinbo sketches the outlines of creation in a particular beauty and sometimes with a raging bite takes it all away from us. This suspense makes the atmosphere dense and sometimes hostile, but as it draws you in, Makunouchi Bento's adventures become whimsical and drenched in mysticism. It's magic, really." (Camomille Music)

Written and recorded by Makunouchi Bento

Design & illustration by La Manufacture

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