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01 - Youngster (Мальчик) - 4:30
02 - Wash up! (Помой) - 4:28
03 - Riding to Billy (Я еду к Билли) - 5:14
04 - Splitting up (Распределение) - 4:10
05 - Pioneers (Пионеры) - 7:03
06 - Birdie (Птица) - 1:36
07 - Julia (Юля) - 7:53
08 - Youngster II (Мальчик II) - 2:57

"The new album by Utrovortu is a tribute to the girlish disco-punk band STRAKHUIDYOT, which performed in St Petersburg some time ago. While recording the disc the musicians have torn the funny mocking songs to bits - lively guitar riffs reincarnated into grinding sounds of prehistoric synthesizers, and the rock-n-rolling keyboards were replaced by the dull heavy thumps of obscure nature. The jolly songs which just made you go twisting and shouting around your slightly drunk girlfriend can now throw a careless listener to the floor with his ears bleeding, watching guitar roulades and strange distant noises flow through the sound fiber. Some unsophisticated music for those who walk through the night and wash their feet in sound." (Clinical Archives)

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