LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: TEMPLE SONGS - 15 BYGONES (2012)


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"For those not au fait with what Duck Tapes is here we go: we get an artist to put some tracks on a tape, decorate it, and sell it on. Oh, and we only really tend to make one copy of it, ever. And we’re bringing it all to an end.

As the final ever release on the label, it’s only fit that it ends with an artist that we’ve been after for a long time. Jolan is one of the most sickeningly talented people that you’re ever likely to meet, and seems to write hundreds of songs a week before burrowing them away like some kind of squirrel, never to see the light of day again. His album 15 Bygones came out recently, and has been committed to one solitary tape to commemorate the death of this lattle, home-spun label. Our hope is that this will convince Jolan to let the world listen to a couple more of his weird pop music, that we’ll have a few more jams like Perpetual Birthday to enjoy" (The Pigeon Post)

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