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"Here’s the thing about soulful music that makes it unlike any other: when done well, it inspires a certain … state of mind. Call it a Mood or maybe a Funk if you’re prone to that sort of thing. The point is, by definition, “soulful” music sparks contemplation. Past actions, future actions or moments of inaction, it doesn’t really matter. Once in this state, it’s tough to do anything but listen and muse, listen and muse. And whether we care to admit it or not, being held captive in this manner can be a little bit delicious.

Fred called it and now we can confirm, Doe Paoro’s new album Slow to Love is delicious. In her blog, Sonia Kreitzer hints about how she got here (some heartache, some writer’s block, some lessons learned), but in her songs, she practically bares it all. Slow to Love is about a personal breakthrough, and I always love a good story about breaking free.

The story itself is pretty brief and covered in about half an hour. Most of the time I just sat there and shook my head, marveling over how she suffered, how much she overcame. Actually, I don’t know how much, but it sure as heck felt like there was some suffering going on. Don’t be too intimidated, though. The songs aren’t all heavy and intense, like “Born Whole” or “Can’t Leave You” might imply. Somewhere in the middle, Kreitzer lightens up and treats us to a couple of upbeat songs with “Trying to Impress” and “Body Games.”

Upbeat or not, we like it all – the message and the manner in which she delivers it. As the artist herself describes it, Feral Wailing pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Slow to Love is available for stream and purchase on Bandcamp. Find 27 minutes in your day and give it a test run." (Desiree - The Muse In Music)

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