LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: BALUE - WORRY TOOBS (2012)


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A short album recorded during the final months of 2011.
Its best with headphones.

"Would be a shame to be lost among so many bands who attempt lo-fi." -

"Denver’s Balue is making their high elevation dip down to the coast…at least for the 5 sea salt coated pop rock tracks of Worry Toobs. Seriously if I were to guarantee some music for some joyous listening today, this simmering set of songs by Eli Thomas would be it."

"They combine plinky guitars, that are a bit tinny at times, but surprisingly pleasant; melodic pitter-patter drums and pockets of silence, tinged by the sound of waves and suchlike. It’s quite nice really, and makes me want to sit on a beach, drinking a pinacolada, watching the sunset."

"A dreamy ode to grunge, psych and pop."

"His leisurely distorted guitar and sunset sweet lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the beachy coastal lifestyle."

Balue website

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