LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: THE BABA RAMS - THE BABA RAMS (2012)


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Thanks to everyone who has helped with the making of this album, my heart goes out to you. Thanks to Yuki Tasaka for doing all the mixing and mastering and sticking with me on this project, to the Avantist(Luis Arias, Erick Arias, David Arias, and Fernando Arais) for letting me use their Suit-Suit Studio, to Ryan McMahon for all the support and percussion, to Bobby Wooten for finding some time to throw down killer bass, to Luis Arais for all the drumming, to my family who has helped and put up with me during the recording, to Mama Arias for all the food and cooking, and to everyone else who has supported this record.

Written, Recorded, and Produced by: TJK
Mixed and Mastered by: Yuki Tasaka
Album Art: TJK

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