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 do not introduce themselves as an evolution of the extinct 12Twelve, but
a marked and different personality. All the renewed energy and musical background of Jose Roselló and Jaime Pantaleón can be appreciated in their new proposal wich combines electronic, progressive and symphonic psychedelia.

Roselló´s electronic contributions together with the celestial guitars from Pantaleón, are nothing more but the starting point of this record with a soundtrack and free espirit soul.The duo experiment with synthesized sounds and loops in a risky and original way, and they so under a highlighted HI-Fi sound, typical of the 60´ and 70´.

Axelrod? ¿Jean Claude Vannier? ¿Osanna? ¿John Carpenter? ¿Alan
¿DJ Shadow? ¿Chemical Brothers? AtletA’s curriculum invited to
 but the final result turns to be amazing. “Catedrales” (Aloud music/Atleta Records,
 2010) is an instrumental innovative work, different from anything ever published in Spain. Later came the so called “Spiritismo” (Boa, 2003) and “L´Univers” (Acuarela, 2006) both recorded by Steve Albini, thus they became the first Spanish band who ever worked with him. Tours, hundreds of shows, some of them in European Jazz Festivals like Manchester, Istanbul or Athens. They have also played in other renown festivals such as Sónar or Primavera Sound. An undisputed reality, the scenery was orphaned after their farewell. Without hurries and without taking responsabilty of 12Twelve, their two thinking heads (Jaime L. Pantaleón and Jose Roselló) appart from his alter egos Cuzo and Faraón, they´ve developed a new eletronic rock project which enables them to continue developing original ideas, always ahead of their time." (Aloud Music)

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