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For what it's worth, this album was financed independently by the band. Our simple hope is for people - for you - to hear it. Please pay whatever you can justify. We'll also be starting a vinyl release campaign very soon. Please let us know what you think. - 'thets.


Epithets is:

Nick Smethurst – Guitars, Singing, Lyrics
Lisy Kane – Violin
Simon Reynolds – Drums, Percussion
Dwayne Pearce – Bass
Alison Carr – Piano, Glockenspiel


Amy Costello – Vocals on "Blacklisted" and "The Reveal"
Rhianna Jacobs – Vocals on "The Reveal"
Daniel Van Zutphen – Vocals on "Actaeon" and "Eschaton", Ensemble on "Mockery"
Melissa Tickle – Vocals on "Bootleggers", Ensemble on "Mockery"
Kirsty Tickle – Ensemble on "Mockery"
Paul Donoughue – Ensemble on "Mockery"

Recorded and Mixed by Stephen Bartlett at The Docking Station February and March 2011. (track 1 and end of track 13 recorded on Nick's phone.) Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering, Montreal.
Thanks owed to: Nik Kaiser, Errol Hoffman, Samantha Jane Thorne, Tim and Geordie at Tyms, Ben Revi and Sarah James, the Junglemen (Cody, Sam and Jack), Jesse and James at Wild Parlor, Trina Massey, Cam Smith, housemates at Red Hill for their tolerance, the Somersettlers, all the bands we've been lucky enough to play with.
All those who helped us make the album, and our dear friends.

Most importantly: The families Smethurst, Reynolds, Pearce and Carr, plus Joanne Kane.

Oh, and Maud.

Epithets website

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