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"This is “one of those” I saw on /mu/ and I actually enjoyed. Dream Sequence is an experimental hip-hop debut by Philadelphia musician Alyosha’s Dream. One of the first things that we have to get out of the way is that this actually was not an easy listen. The textures in this record are complex and took me a few listens to really take them in. The concept of the record is that it “starts of somewhat normal and takes you into increasingly strange territory as it progresses onward.” That it does.
I actually like to think of there being two “parts” to this, the “normal” (With a very loose use of the word) being the first six tracks, and the odd half being the rest. In fact, starting with the track “Recent Nightmare,” the music gets noticeably darker. Really, it’s when the whole thing gets really interesting. Not to say the first half of the album isn’t good, it just doesn’t quite capture my attention like the second half does. The beats and textures get much more complex and interesting with the second half, and even though it was stranger, more experimental, and dare I say, avant-garde, I found it much easier to listen to.
Mind you, Dream Sequence is definitely not for everyone. If you don’t usually listen to experimental music, this is definitely not a very good place to start, because it’s definitely gets to be a little “out there” a few times. If you’re not into having to re-listen to something to better understand it, you might not like this. But if you’re the kind of open-minded listener that has a good attention span and an affinity for cool soundscapes and textures, this is definitely something to check out. A couple of the tracks in the first half of the album are kind of uninteresting at times and drag on a little bit, but the fantastic second half more than makes up for this, so I’m giving it a solid B+." (Indie Cred Plus)

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