LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: VV.AA. - DEZEMBER (2011)

VV.AA. - DEZEMBER (2011)

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01.- Le Skeletonne / The riot was always alone
02.- Mira Belle / A
03.- Rats Live On No Evil Star / Tree in the green
04.- S ND Y P RL RS / Dracula
05.- Ibi Ego / U and me vs the sea master
06.- The Human Elephant / Insomnia
07.- Ghost Birds / Drama (how i hate it)

01.- Cars And Trains / I know someone who cant recognize
02.- Hardman Bros / Change the mode
03.- Tidy Kid / Those red paintings (Tidy remix)
04.- pOnk / Sleeves II
05.- Anthna / Loving raw bands
06.- Tidy Kid / Bus stop
07.- Nicholas Szczepanik / The short - lived


Le Skeletonne - The riot was always alone
(Canada) Unpublished / Le Skeletonne is the new moniker of Watching Trees Grow, who published the Unemployment Album on Umor Rex Records in 2007.

Mira Belle - A
(USA) This track appeared on the Blueprints album, self-published in 2009. This album will be re-released on digital format in 2012 on Umor Rex Records.

Rats On No Evil Star - Tree in the green
(Germany) This track is part of the self-titled Rats On No Evil Star album, project consisting of John Edward Donald (The Human Elephant) and Bernd Jestram (Tarwater). You can buy the full album from Boomkat.

S ND Y P RL RS - Dracula
(Germany) S ND Y P RL RS is the new project of Malte C. Jantzen. Dracula is part of the Bring Death album, published by New Wedding Avant Garde on limited issue cassette.

Ibi Ego - U and me vs the sea master
(Mexico) This song is included in the upcoming MCMXCVIII album, which will be published by Discos Tormento in 2012.

The Human Elephant - Insomnia
(USA / Germany) Unpublished / The Human Elephant (John Edward Donald) has just released the White Thunder album on our label. (Umor Rex Records)

Ghost Birds - Drama (how I hate)
(Mexico) Unpublished / Ghost Birds is a collaborative project between Eduardo Padilla (Molloy And His Bike) and José Ángel Balmori (The New Parallelogramers); both have published albums on Umor Rex Records.

Cars And Trains - I Know Someone Who Cant Recognize
(USA) Cars and Trains is a project of Tom Filepp; this track is part of the The Roots, The Leaves album, published in 2010 by Circle Into Square.

Hardman Bros - Change The Mode
(Germany) Hardman Bros is one of Jayrope’s many projects ( This track is part of the Pleasure Crimes album, published by Umor Rex in 2007.

Tidy Kid - Bus Stop
(Australia) Unpublished / Tidy Kid has published two EPs on Umor Rex: Toxic Feelings and Frozen Flower Pot. Bibio remixed one of his tracks, Smell. He is now working on his first LP.

pOnk - Sleeves II
(Germany) Unpublished / pOnk is Frederik Knop’s project; he also is part of mOck.

Anthna - Loving Raw Bands
(Mexico) Anthna is Nicolas Pradilla. This track was first published by Soundsister in 2005, on the Tones EP.

Tidy Kid - Those Red Paintings (Tidy Remix)
(Australia) / This track was included in Feeling Toxic (gozombie 2010)

Nicholas Szczepanik - The Short - Lived
(USA) Unpublished / Nicholas Szczepanik published the Please Stop Loving Me Lp on Streamline / Drag City this year. This album was named best album on the OTHER SOUNDS genre by National Public Radio (NPR).

Special thanks to John Edward Donald, Malte C. Jantzen and Nicholas Szczepanik.
Dezember - December - Diciembre / 2011 / Umor Rex Records

Umor Rex Records

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