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VIRGINS - RGB (2011)

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We began recording the album on our first bike tour in July of 2011. It was released on November 29th of 2011.
Most of the money used to create the album was raised on via the donations of our wonderful friends and family, as well as the kind-hearted people we met on the summer bike tour.

Many of our friends contributed to the actual recordings, including Flerine Atienza, Ben Attias, Stjepan Penavic, Jorge Martos, Adrian Thompson, Devin Thompson, Bianca Roth, Jason Blyskal, Martin Gallardo, Alexandros Bouliakis, Kristen Allen, and more people who we'll mention as we begin to remember.

The entirety of the album was mixed/mastered by our good friend Aviv Marotz, who also drums for the hardcore band Aviator. He's not opposed to doing some engineering work for you. Contact:

The art was done by our friend Reilly Finnegan, who is not opposed to doing screen-print (or other artistic medium) work for you. Contact:

We're grateful to every single person who influenced the creation of this album including our friends parents, siblings, extended family,

Written/recorded by VIRGINS. Mixed/Mastered by Aviv Marotz. Art by Reilly Finnegan.

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