LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: SKREAM - FREEIZM HISTORY (2011)


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"Only for people who are fans of Dubstep circa 2004-2006!!!!!!

Theres some stella session classics here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will not impress people who found dubstep in the last 3 years!!!!!!!!!!

Merry XMAS!!!!!!!!!" (Skream)

"Skream's long been known for being one of the most prolific producers operating within the dubstep scene, to the extent that over the last couple of years he's released a series of Freeizm download compilations as something of a hard-drive purging exercise. On Christmas Day he gave away his latest and probably greatest so far, Freeizm History, eleven of his long sought after unreleased tracks from the 2004-2006 period (arguably the most exciting time for dubstep as a whole, as well as for Skream's own productions). Which makes it nearly an hour of fantastic, ocean-deep and experimental music a million miles from the robot wobbles and trance bursts of some of his more recent work." (The Quietus)

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