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Jacob Augustine - Vocals, Ukulele, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Tambourine
Erin Libby - Drums, Bells
Stan Dzengelewski - Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel
Megan Martelle - Violin
Micah Maurio - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Brian Graham - Tenor and Baritone Sax
Tyler Stanley - Keys

Additional Musicians:
Frank Hopkins - Accordion on song #1
Bob Hamilton - Banjo on song #1 and #4
Noah Cole - Floor Tom on song # 2 and Electric Guitar on song #4
Keenan McLaughlin - Distorted Scream on song #3
Kate Beever - Marimba on songs #6 and #9

All songs written and produced by Jacob Augustine
Recorded in various living rooms, hallways and bedrooms
Mixed by Noah Cole
Mastered by Christopher Watkinson
Cover Art by Jacob Augustine

Special Thanks to: Bark, Hannah, Grace, Billy, Stapes, Bob, Stan, Bone, Micah, Meg, Tyler, Kate, Noah, JB, Christopher, Sawyer, Chris, Gabs, Heather, Raphy, Tipton, Tim P, Frank, Aly, Cristoph, Lauren, Brian P, Chad W, and anyone else I may have played these songs with over the past three years. Also, thank you to Dan C, Sean M, Spencer A, and Colin for the gear loans and Peter Mac.

Extra Special Thanks to: My family for there undying love and support.

This Album is a story of the system in which you and I live, and of the families who are engulfed and destroyed by it.

This Album is dedicated to anyone who dares to unlearn what they have been taught, in hopes of a greater universal human understanding.

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