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"The final, headlining act of the night was Shelbyville’s own “Chiaroscuro,” the heaviest sounding of all of Saturday’s bands on this thought-provoking night of music. This five-piece ensemble consists of Carlton, guitarist Matt Rubadue, bassist Jeremy Hall, drummer Sean King and cellist Heidi Chestnut who recently released their debut album. Like “Sonoro(us),” “ Chiaroscuro” is band that lives up to its name. The word chiaroscuro is an old-school Renaissance Italian drawing term literally meaning a transition from light to dark and this in fact describes the musical tone of this band. From mellow openings this band builds and then explodes into tight Expressionistic rhythms, twisting and contorting sounds on just about every song as they journey from the melodious into a maelstrom of hard-edged monstrous sound. Another interesting feature of their music is that the band often builds its songs from variations on chords that begin simply and then cascade into tumultuous swirls of frenetic fury that haunts your head like a horror-show soundtrack. Repeatedly these chord structures build like a tempestuous leitmotif and avalanche upon the crowd like an apocalyptic storm of rhythm. Emotionally, “Chiaroscuro” also creates moody, brooding and sometimes angst -filled tone poems of purely instrumental sound that at times can overwhelm the crowd: it is a nuanced journey into the abyss. The music pregnant with dread, suspense and dark shadows grows out of essentially soft melodic riffs like the masterful charcoal sketches of some demented artist. Overall, Saturday night’s post-rock concert was a thought-provoking , often moody and intensely melodramatic excursion on the frontiers of music. It was an evening that flooded the soul with sensation, provoked a myriad of emotions and conjured up many strange thoughts and experiences. Formed in the summer of 2009, Chiaroscuro (formerly Skyline Transmission) have been writing and rehearsing for an eventful 2010. In January, Chiaroscuro recorded a full-length debut with the super badass John Congleton. Soon after, they signed to Future Recordings to release their self-titled debut. Tour plans for the summer and more happenings to come! Thanks for checking us out!" (Del seu myspace)

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