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Death Grips - Exmilitary by deathgrips

"This is a funhouse, bulbous with danceable heaviosity and sick bass permutations but built from the molecular facts of post-techno. It's a rocking firestorm forged in cold logic: procedural, binary, black and white, dense with gyrations, mutations, deferrals - a tarnation computed numerically, and chaos. There's no plan here, so no rules; an itemised, nonsensical showreel flaunting everything the Sacramento-based egregore are capable of. Which amounts to a lurid, livid, unquantifiable mess of method, an auditory jamboree dead-set on screen-crashing hip hop, contorting its myriad influences into junk art rinsers, hook-barking rabid dogs: meaningless, shameless, soulless, fearless. Who needs a central idea when you can do it all. A great album statement? No. Track-for-track the birth of a new legend? Absolutely." (John Calvers - The Quietus)

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