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"Lavalier is the brainchild of former Cloud Room members Dave Horowitz and Steve Milton. Conceived over the course of several years touring the globe and navigating the requisite backstage debauchery, cramped vans, and couch surfing, Milton and Horowitz developed their penchant for a melancholy, psychedelic, lo-fi sound that features seductive fuzz-slide guitars and a hypnotic accordion. Now much more than a simple side project, Lavalier has grown in size and boasts up to 15 members including: Melati Malay (guitar/vox), Terrence Caulkins (percussion/programming), Yasmin Resharmwala (keytar/vox), Nathan Haselby (upright bass) and the unique vocal stylings of Lavalier’s Brooklyn-based choir (Leah Milton, Kate Tellers, Melody Aberg, Johanna Taylor, Rachel Kauffman, and Marla Thornes). Lavalier is quickly establishing itself a unique addition to the musical landscape. Their distinctive cinematic sound and all-around-good times have led to live collaborations with a variety of multi-disciplinary artists as well as placements in numerous documentaries, feature-length films, and animated shorts." (Del seu myspace)

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