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WONGA - MILAN (2011)

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wonga cd "milan" by redroommusik

"Christian Kamin, the drummer for Wonga, just contacted us a couple of days ago to present "Milan". Sometimes, the ways here at Digital Kunstrasen are really short so we're proud to present you a very nice piece of postrock, holding it back not longer than necessary.

Wonga originates in Rostock and Berlin and consists of just two persons - Kamin on the drums and Robert Meyer on the e-bass. Together, Wonga presents a kind of rock that has to be ranked on the hightest level - technically and "technically". More energetic than Do Make Say Think, more melodious than Double Dagger, not as hard as Kinski - great three-quarters of an hour for all rockfans, that don't need more for their pleasure than a drum and a bass with a loopmachine." (Digital Kunstrasen)

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