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"Violet Lades was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1982, but she is currently living in Barcelona. Always a compulsive creator, she started writing songs and novels at a young age. Her first book, Muertos o algo Mejor (montesinos, 1995) was published when she was just 14 years old. Last year Violet wrote another novel, Renos Salvajes(Wild Reindeers) which is in the process of being published. She is currently working on a new book, all while continuously writting new songs and giving shape to her music. A self-taught singer/song writer, Violet views herself as an "orphaned musician, just trying to find some adoptive musician parents."* Although her songs channel those feelings of abandonment, Violet sings and plays guitar with a conviction that seems to convey an emotional maturity that's beyond the need of guidance or mentoring. Adoptive parents or not, Violet has a need to communicate and a hunger to create that comes out as uniquely beautiful rock music. By herself or surrounded by musicians, Violet will continue making music the same way a lonely kid finds a way to play alone: with only her imagination to guide her." (Del seu myspace)

Violet Lades website
Violet Lades myspace

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