LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: TRACING ARCS - EYE SEE YOU (2010)


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01. Deep Breath
02. Consequence of Love
03. Pebbles & Weed
04. So Beautiful
05. Sheep & Tides (for Big Al)
06. Wildworld
07. Recovery

"According to popular belief, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To some it is all about a slick, symmetrical surface, an immaculate appearance. Others find beauty in moments of truthfulness when they recognize themselves in their counterparts.

On their iD.EOLOGY debut Tracing Arcs combine both aspects into a thrilling aesthetic overall experience. As soon as the first notes hit your ears, a film noir starts rolling in your head. Classy triphop beats, elaborate jazz-chords and deep upright basses skillfully sketch out a closed-off world in subtle shades of black. With the dark attraction of a femme fatale, the nuanced and seductive voice of Fran Kapelle enters the scene, inevitably putting the listener under her spell. With every word of the sometimes cryptic, sometimes promising lyrics he keeps falling for her further and without notice, he's become a detective in his own case, delving deeper and deeper into a secret that lies hidden within.

Whatever the findings may be, one thing is as sure as fate: when self-awareness happens through an album as euphonic and exciting as this, then just about any beholder of your choice will have the same words for it: beautiful, so beautiful." (iD.EOLOGY)

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