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"Alright, I’ll be frank. After listening to this album casually a few times, I was flat out afraid of putting on my headphones, sitting down, and really listening to the whole shebang at a concentrated intensity. Put another way, this album is just plain fucking sad. Seriously though, desperation never sounded better.

Felt Drawings is L.A.-based artist Dom Tiberio, who’s been releasing music within the L.A. DIY scene for a few years now. Dom doesn’t shy away from his feelings when producing his music. He openly admits that he feels better writing about true things than not, so you know his full-length release plays more like the unabridged diary of a (mad)man in love.

The tracks are beautiful, but they’re seriously raw. Imagine that listening to each song is like watching Bas Jan Ader’s I’m Too Sad to Tell You. Tunes like the featured “In My Room” literally play out in your head as if it were a short film, illustrating each and every little feeling that goes into loss. I love that his music exposes himself so raw, but am sincerely kind of freaked out by the acute intensity with which it reaches you.

It’s incredible that people are willing to be this crazy honest on their albums, and, while the evident decline of the mental well-being of an artist is at times difficult to stomach, no one can deny that they love to hear someone actually spill their guts. Be honest with yourself — there’s some sort of comfort knowing that other people are going through some difficult shit in their life.

While at times it was a bit difficult to listen to, Felt Drawings definitely delivers with his first full-length. If you’re into tunes that are emotionally charged, then I highly recommend you sit down (hide your razors if you’re into that) and wallow in the sadness that is Body." (David Simon - Indie Shuffle)

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