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"The Big Head Troubled Boy is the alter ego of singer-songwriter Mireia Salazar Pascual... Leaving home at 16 with just a guitar and a warped sense of humour gave her the kind of experiences that lead to an eclectic musical sensibility.. . as well as a great fund of stories to people her songs. Her adventures include being robbed at gunpoint on a Mexican bus, stints as a bar musician playing canciones and corridas to homesick Hispanics in Hoxton whilst living in dodgy old Stoke Newington, fronting techno-house electronica for faceless dj producers, starting university, quitting university, starting university, various affairs of the heart that dented and bent it but didn't break it, studying guitar in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, London and all the airports in between.It was whilst in London that Mireia reconnected with an old acquaintance on the local jazz scene - double bassist, producer and engineer Nick Kaçal. After hearing some of her original songs, he then spent several years nagging her to allow him to record some of them. With Catalan producer and drummer Arnau Vallve (from the band Manel) also encouraging her to record, she finally decided she was ready to start - and The Big Head Troubled Boy was born. In the end scheduling conflicts led to the whole album being recorded in London with Nick Kaçal of Guerillasound producing, playing and engineering, and Darren Altman on drums.Since doing a small release in Spain, The Big Head Trouble Boy has been getting great press, reviews and interviews. Gigging all over Spain, 'M' scales the band up or down depending on the economics and the situation, and is unafraid of going on solo with just her (or someone else's) guitar. As a result, she has been building a good following both live and on-line. She has been collaborating with other Barcelona alt folk acts like Tired Hippo and Nos Llamamos Fiodor who are also getting more attention - the main difference is that The Big Head Troubled Boy songs are predominantly in English." (Del seu myspace)

Written and Performed by Mireia Pascual
Recorded, Mixed and Enginereed by Nick Kaçal (Guerillasound; London)
Mastered by Nick Kaçal
Original drawings by Mireia Pascual / Graphic Design and Art Work of the album by Itziar Goñi -

Recorded between March and July 2009 by Guerillasound London, in London, UK.
- Darren Altman (Drums)
- Nick Kaçal (Double Bass)
- Sean Hargreaves (Piano)
- Mireia Pascual (Guitar and Vocals)

All tracks written and performed by Mireia Pascual except for 'We are stars' based on the original tune by Tired Hippo -

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