LA GRAMOLA - Música en xarxa: HERMELIN (2008)


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01 Intro
02 I Felt Xetrov
03 Nova Police
04 Autograph:Unknown
05 May 91313
06 Pliant Fur...
07 ...Sharp Teeth
08 AVV Revisited
09 Mellow F.S.

"hermelin were known to the hanover-indierock scene as soaked in red since2001. the band used to play some kind of alternative rock until things began to change. choruses fade to strophies, breaks tend to be longer than the refrain, riffs are played like loops, song are written that old friends won't like. hermelin mix-up contemporary postrock with slight influences from art- and hardrock. might be it's mainly due to the fine production of their EP, but i always get the feeling of listening to something tender, some finespun yarn of melancholy beneath the surface of distorted guitar and heavy drums. like fondling a ermine- pliant fur, sharp teeth." (

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